Viktor Plazzeriano

History at Halo Dogs: Viktor joined Halo Dogs in early 2012. He has worked tirelessly since, earning the position of qualified dog trainer, Team Leader and most recently Operations Manager. Whilst learning about canine psychology and behaviour he has also studied digital media and now records and edits our videos too.


Best moment at Halo Dogs: “All of it!” Viktor says enthusiastically.. and he means it! The epitome of ‘You get out, what you put in’ Viktor gives 100% consistently. However there was the time he was teaching an English Bull Terrier to sit, not in the mood to learn, the dog simply lifted his leg and you can guess what happened next, causing Viktor to change his trousers, socks and shoes!


Favourite breed: Hungarian Mudi


History with dogs, including current pets: Viktor has grown up in his native Hungary surrounded by dogs, he often (rather boringly now) shows the photos of him being baby sat as a youngster by a variety of different dogs. His own dog Dada is a Spanish Water Dog.


Interests outside of work: Sleeping! Music including playing his guitar and the arts, he is a keen photographer with his own diverse portfolio and takes many of the great photos on our social media