Dog Training

Dog Training in North London


We provide several types of fully qualified dog training services in Enfield, North London. Dogs are fabulous companions which we would do anything for. They are the target of all our affection and love, since they are, well, so cute! Sadly, such behaviour on our part will result in unwanted behaviour from them. A dog that has no boundaries, rules and limitations and gets everything for nothing will soon have you tearing your hair out, and will take over from you as leader in next to no time – the house will be his kingdom, and he will rule without regard!


It therefore becomes of paramount importance to train our canine companions. Though it might seem heartless to put our fluff-balls though any kind of hardship, training is actually enjoyable for them… and for you! You will learn to become a good and consistent leader, and fair in your distribution of reward. And your dog will love you for it. Dogs are pack animals that naturally look for a leader and guidance, and are much more balanced when this need is met. With dog training, your dog will:



Dog Training Services


Behaviour Modification

Your dog may develop behaviour which you find unacceptable at best, and sometimes dangerous. Often, we unknowingly reinforce the behaviours whilst thinking we are doing otherwise. Whatever the issue, be it jumping at people, separation anxiety or aggression, we are here to help. There will be an initial consultation where we will diagnose the problem and advise on the number of sessions that may be required. Many problems can be dealt with in only one session. We will also instruct you on how to keep your dog, and you, from falling back into bad habits, so you can feel confident and secure in the future of your human/canine relationship!


Adult Obedience Classes

Teaching, Practicing, Consolidating – the holy trinity of dog training! That is what you will learn during our six week adult obedience course. If your dog is older than six months, and is in need of sharpening up his basic skills, then this is the course for you! During the six weeks you and your dog will begin by learning basic commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘down’, then slowly be introduced to more advanced commands like ‘wait/stay’, ‘leave’, ‘drop’ and ‘recall’, learn door control and walking on a loose leash, all whilst continuing to build on what you have already learnt. We ask for one thing only – your dog needs to be fully vaccinated.


Residential Dog Training

With our busy lifestyles, it is often hard to find the time and diligence to train our dogs to a good standard. Having consulted with our customers, we now offer residential training. You leave your dog with us for a period of time, typically three weeks. Whilst in residential training, we can deal with any variety of dog training requests, from basic obedience including house training to separation anxiety and aggression. In the evenings, your dog will be in a comfortable home environment, loved and cared for only to a very slightly lower standard to the one you provide him (probably more, but we do not want to hurt your feelings)! When your best friend returns, we include a hand-over session to show you what your dog has learnt, and how you can consolidate and build on it.


Guard Dog Training

The role of a guard dog is very demanding, so potential guard dogs need to be trained to a very high standard. Due to the nature of guard dog training, your dog must already be fully conversant with all basic obedience commands. Whilst there is no set time scale for guard dog training, a dog with good basic skills should take around twelve training sessions.