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This page was created in loving memory of one of our rescue dogs we called Angel.


Angel came to Halo Dogs in early 2011. She was found in the morning having been tied to one of our fleet overnight, we later found out by a drug addict about to go into rehab. Initially we thought she was a real youngster given her size, although we later determined she was well over 2 years old. Angel arrived in one of the worst states we’ve seen. She barely had the strength to stand up, was malnourished, dehydrated and beyond scared and frightened. Following an emergency visit to our vets, Angel returned to Halo Dogs where the staff and other rescue dogs prompted a remarkable recovery.


Within three months Angel’s fur had begun to grow back, she had put on weight, learnt some basic commands and was improving remarkably from her first two and a bit years of life being kept in a box in a darkened drug house in West London. It was there she suffered torment  and abuse and was injected with drugs to keep her quiet. Unfortunately, despite everybody’s best efforts here, none more so than Angel herself, her body had been weakened by her ordeal and without an immune system she struggled to continue to improve before finally deteriorating and eventually getting a peaceful night’s sleep in late November 2011. Angel’s life was a tragedy, her suffering unnecessary, her spirit inspirational, but sadly her suffering and story is not in isolation.


Whilst this page is a tribute to an amazing little girl who touched all who knew her and all who followed her story. It is also a tranquil place of memories for not only our little girl, but for all of our best friends whom are now chasing squirrels in the clouds alongside our own very special Angel.



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Free To Be Me

– Dedicated to “Rescue People” everywhere

My life was nearly at it’s end
And that’s when you stepped in.
My hope was gone, only fear remained,
You had come to deliver me from my pain.

I had no trust left on which to draw,
You reached for me…I began to crawl.
How could I know then, what was to be?
What your touch of love could bring to me?

You instinctively knew my every need
My confidence and body you began to feed.
My trust in you had begun to build
Achieving the result that you had willed.

Your relentless efforts on my behalf
Outline the blueprint your mind did draft.
For the outcome that only your vision could see
My life filled with love and free to be me.

These weeks and months you labor in love
To restore to me what was stolen..and I rise above.
This bond we have created I have never known
Look what honor, trust, and love have sown.

Your words say that I am now going to leave
Please don’t make me go! My heart will grieve.
These people are wonderful…but you own my heart
With tears in your eyes, you say it’s my new start.

Looking back now, I understand what you said that day,
You had reformed me as though I was a type of clay.
My new family loves me, and now my joy is complete
I trust and adore them, only your memory can compete.

And I will carry you with me to my dying day
Treasured few are gifted with your loving way.
I know now it was God’s will for us to part
So you could give another their new start.

When you get to Heaven do you know what you’ll see?
Everyone of us that you worked so hard to set free.
God gave people dominion over the animals, that’s true.
But God, with his wisdom, then created people like you.

In Heaven we’ll sing a song in honor of you, and your heart will see,
What your gift of love gave, we each lived our lives “free to be me”.

Author: Pamela S. Eggers

You can support and help us continue our work of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming those we can, and providing a loving forever home for those too psychologically or physically damaged to return safely into society as pets by donating to our registered charity, Halo Dogs Rescue & Rehabilitation.


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