Puppy Training

Puppy Training in North London


We provide fully qualified Puppy Training classes in Enfield, North London. Training your puppy from the word ‘go’ is essential for ensuring a well balanced and happy family pet. Puppy training is the key to success and training your new family member will get him or her used to following instructions and behaving appropriately in and out of your home.


Our puppy training services are suitable as soon as your pup has had their second vaccination, as the sooner you both start learning the better. We all know dogs are very clever and puppies are no different. They can quickly learn and provided the training is done correctly and consistently you will both thoroughly enjoy the time you and your family spend with your new best friend.


Our team of highly qualified and passionate dog lovers and behaviourists based in London can provide your puppy training. Our puppy classes are specifically designed for puppy training and can begin when your puppy is just 10 weeks old. Your puppy will be joined by other puppies so that social conditioning and play can also take place, allowing your new dog to get used to being around other dogs.


Our high standards and excellent knowledge in dog behaviour means you will see excellent results from your first puppy training session, see for yourself when Sammy the Terrier came to see us having just been adopted by his owner:


“Justin and his team at Halo Dogs have changed my life!


In May 2009 I adopted my second dog who was a 10 week old mixed breed puppy called Sammy. Within a very short time I realised that he was not an easy puppy. He developed all sorts of behaviour problems, and even though I was winning some of the battles, I was losing more!


I was at my wits end.


Then… I found Justin!! He took him for me for 2 weeks in August 2009. Before he went he had food possession issues and was already displaying aggressive behaviour.

He came back a changed dog!!!!”


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Many other puppy training schools require your presence, however we also offer Residential Training. This doesn’t lower the standard of our training as you as the owner will also undergo training to ensure that you behave as well as your new puppy does!


For more information please see our price list or alternatively you can call us on 020 8367 7899 or you can email us and ask about our puppy training classes.


Puppy training top 5 tips


(1)   Consistency is everything. You must be consistent when training your puppy. Much like children, not following through or maintaining your own consistent behaviours will reflect in your puppy. If you decide he’s not to sleep on the bed, don’t give in! No matter how cute his one ear up, tilted head pleading stare is!


(2)   Mouthing is a normal canine behaviour, but an unacceptable one with your human pack. Dogs play with their mouths, when they get excited and play with you, most pups ultimately end up using their mouths. This behaviour must be addressed quickly so the pup doesn’t learn that using their teeth on humans is an acceptable behaviour.


(3)   Don’t physically reprimand your puppy…… EVER! One key to successful puppy training is respect and trust. By physically reprimanding your puppy when they do something inappropriate will cause you to lose that trust.


(4)   Do not encourage your pup to jump up at you for attention. Whilst it is all too easy to think how sweet your pup is jumping at your leg because it loves you, you won’t have the same perception when your dog displays the same behaviour when it is fully grown on a rainy day in the park when you are wearing white


(5)   Don’t overdo the exercise! Whilst it is true dogs need exercise, pups do not need lots. Rather than a marathon walk, make your pups exercise little and often as their skeletal system is soft and still forming so lots of impact can damage the still developing joints. This includes no stairs.