turhan dinccanHistory at Halo Dogs: Turhan, ‘T’ joined the team back in 2010 and has been making us smile and laugh all day every day since. He has a reliable and conscientious work ethic which see’s him deliver on our promise of exceptional service for dogs and humans alike. Being a former London bus driver guarantees the dogs are collected and dropped home safely, even if he does occasionally stray into bus lanes!

Best moment at Halo Dogs: “I absolutely love every moment of everyday!” He says enthusiastically. “From the relationships with the clients, the wonderful dogs, the charity work, the rescue work, the tv and media work we do. The amazing centre we operate from and working for such a high standard driven company, it all boils down to just being the best job in the world, for which I am so proud to be a part of!”

Favourite breed: “Huskies and Malamutes”

History with dogs, including current pets: T’s own dog is a Husky x Malamute called Shadow.

Interests outside of work: T is another adrenaline junkie and regularly competes in go-karting competitions and rock climbing. He is definitely one with nature and loves being outdoors. Many a weekend is spent out camping or maintaining the farm here at the centre.


Turhan Dinccan