Gonzalo Galleguillos

History at Halo Dogs: Gonzalo, whom we affectionately call “Speedy” has been a core part of the fabric at Halo Dogs since 2012. He is one of our agility super stars and also is instrumental in delivering our infection control procedures relentlessly!


Best moment at Halo Dogs: Teaching Henry (one of our rescue’s) to be comfortable around vacuum cleaners. It took many, many weeks & months of consistent repetition to finally get Henry to overcome his ingrained fear of, well Henry (the vacuum cleaner), and now he is so relaxed he doesn’t even wake up from under his duvet to the sound of Speedy tidying up.

Favourite breed: Boxers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers


History with dogs, including current pets: As is a similar theme among the staff here, Speedy grew up around dogs. Slightly differently though, Speedy did this in his homeland of Chilie where he cared for a German Shepherd x Weimaraner called Mona, he also did the best he could caring for the street dogs around his neighbourhood on a daily basis. He now has two adorable Staffordshire Bull Terriers, a boy named Boss and a girl named Mia (who rather ironically is definitely the boss!)


Interests outside of work: Speedy is keen graphic designer for computer games and creates stunning computer animated images, when he isn’t out playing with his dogs of course.