Anna Jasniak

History at Halo Dogs: Anna joined Halo Dogs in 2012. She quickly rose through the ranks to the position of Operations Manager where her loyalty, hard work, diligence and attention to detail have made her an asset to the company. Her degree in art also helps with the wonderful photos to be found on our  website and social media.


Best moment at Halo Dogs: For Anna it is all about the charity work. Anna is responsible for managing our public events and as such takes immense satisfaction from pulling off the public events we do to support charities like The Mayhew and Pup Aid. You’ll see her behind the camera at these events doing what she does best… Multitasking!


Favourite breed: “I haven’t got one, and that’s the truth.” Pfft… come on Anna! “Ok, Airedale Terriers.”


History with dogs, including current pets: Anna has grown up with dogs since she was a toddler. Her first dog was a German Shepherd which she grew up with in her homeland, Poland. She is a graduate of Canine Psychology and is also a qualified dog trainer who advocates reward based training and positive reinforcement. Before joining Halo Dogs, Anna owned a multi-award winning Airedale Terrier breeding kennel called Betakaroten.


Interests outside of work: As is a common theme with our team, Anna can’t escape her love of dogs outside of work. But she can often be found taking quirky photos too, which are actually quite good.. But don’t tell her we said so! Anna is also an accomplished horse rider and was also in the Polish national Judo team.. which is another reason why we all do as she asks!!