Springer Spaniel Daycare North LondonMy name is Rugby, I’m an English Springer Spaniel, and I go to school at Halo Dogs in London. I wanted to tell you just how much I enjoy my days at the farm. All of my doggie friends and my second family, the Halo crew. I get up every morning so happy and when the doorbell rings I make an excited dash to the door to meet one of the guys, Kris, Jordie, Sal, ………they are so kind to me and sometimes if I am really good they give me a special treat. I try to be a very good boy as everyday my mom gets a report card that tells her what I’ve been up to. She loves them and is so silly as she has saved every one.

My mom is quite busy in London during the day, and although I have the run of the house, it would be forever in doggie time waiting by the door or by the window for her to come home. Instead I play in the fields, or the indoor centre, I go on long walks in all four seasons, or sometimes have a cheeky nap on the picnic table or get a cuddle from one of the guys. When my mom has to a travel or has late late plans I even get to stay overnight. That is so much fun as there are others doggies and we sometimes even have a BBQ. The chicken is my favourite.

My mom says Halo Dogs is one of the most wonderful parts of living in London. She knows they take such good care and are so professional and consistent. She never needs to worry I am safe and happy. Halo Dogs is beyond brilliant. And we cherish the impact they have had on my days.

How lucky am I? My mom found this fabulous place for me to come spend days a dog could only think of whilst in dreamland. And yet it is real, Halo Dogs, my little slice of heaven right here in London! Oh and my sweater? Well I am American, just trying to show my new British doggie friends some love…and yes, I got my name before I moved across the pond. Who knew?!?

With wuff and woofs and a massive wet nose kiss.


Lynda Lee and Rugby