labradoodle mollyLeaving your beloved Labradoodle pooch and the keys to your home with people who are essentially strangers felt like quite a big risk for a normally cautious person. Having met Justin, I decided to follow my instincts and take that risk, and I’m happy to say I haven’t regretted it for one second.


It has been a huge weight lifted to know that I have back up for emergencies and a safe, fun place for Molly to go when I have to do things where she is unable to join me: for example, taking and collecting the Kids from university with a car full of ‘essentials’; visiting elderly relatives without the fear of my ‘bundle of energy’ knocking them flying; being able to enjoy the odd treat (shopping trips, theatre, long birthday lunches etc) without feeling guilty and having to watch the clock; or when life throws a curve ball at you like 2 weeks jury service!


It’s a rare thing to meet people who truly love their job. Justin and his team have a genuine passion for what they do and that translates into a wonderfully professional and caring service run by thoroughly lovely, caring , fun people with far too much energy to be in a ‘normal’ job!

Our involvement with Halo Dogs has enhanced both our lives. Nothing beats a happy exhausted dog at the end of the day and a Halo Dogs school report card to chuckle over.


Eileen and Molly