Maximus and Rudi

Igolden retrievers maximus and rudi was very impressed with Justin’s professionalism when he first came to help me “control” a somewhat wayward and wilful Golden Retriever, Rudi.


Enfield’s answer to Cesar Millan had Rudi sorted and also taught my lovely eight year old Max how to walk properly on the lead; all in the space of an hour and a half.


That was the start of a very long and happy relationship!


Max and Rudi are regulars at Halo dogs during the week and often go for extended doggie sleepovers. They have a wonderful time and come home happy, and thankfully, exhausted at the end of their day. The videos, photos and text messages which I receive during the time they are there all serve to relieve my “separation anxiety”; safe in the knowledge that they are in expert hands.


Justin and the team probably love my boys almost as much as I do. The biggest concern is that my boys appear to love them as much as they love me…… I guess they must be doing something right!


Diane, Alan, Max and Rudi