Cavapoo LondonHaving read all the other testimonials here, there really is not much more for me to say, and I would echo all those sentiments 100%. To most of us, our pets are family – the best thing about Halo Dogs is the sense you get that that’s exactly what each of our dogs are to them too. And nothing can give you more comfort than that. They also really understand dogs, so you don’t have any well intentioned but inexperienced person inadvertently spoiling or teaching them unhelpful habits – they help develop confident, balanced dogs. One of the best things is that you can also share in your dog’s day because they post pictures and videos of what they get up to so you don’t feel left out of all the fun.


In addition to all the fun and love they give our dogs, they are also extremely professional, always flexible to step in when needed and deliver exactly what’s promised, day after day after day.


Emily the Cavapoo has been going to Halo Dogs for 3 years now since she was 10 weeks old, and could not be a happier dog; they form part of my absolutely essential support system here in London.


Karen and Emily