rescue dog cjI can’t say enough to praise Halo Dogs. I was introduced to their service through a friend of a friend and was desperate to find someone caring to look after my little rescue dog on days when I couldn’t be there. From the first minute I met Justin, I knew we had found someone special and that any service run by him had to be equally special.


We first visited on a Saturday afternoon, to give Justin a chance to assess CJ and check she would fit in at the farm. We expected to spend maybe half an hour on this but, in the event, Justin spent hours with us. Not only did he spend careful time with CJ, showing gentleness and skill in the way he handled her and talked about her, but he answered all our dumb questions and talked to us for as long as we needed about many aspects of her care.


My experience of Halo Dogs, unsurprisingly after that, has turned out to be just as special. Which is not surprising with a leader like Justin. His team are lovely, efficient and reliable and sweet, sweet, sweet to the dogs. And I can’t say enough about Justin who is one of those rare individuals in life who really cares about his team, his clients and most of all, about dogs. His knowledge and skill is top class but he shares it with generosity and compassion. He has been there for me any time I have needed advice or help and because of the relationship he has built up with us and with CJ, he is the very first person I call now whenever she has a little triumph and overcomes one of her many fears.


Thank God for Justin and thank God for Halo Dogs. Special people in an increasingly cruel world.


Ursula, John and C.J