Treacle Pud

bull mastiff english bull terrier cross treacle pudTreacle Pud is a playful 5 year old Bull Mastiff English Bull Terrier Cross, who requires a fair amount of exercise if I want a quiet life.

I found Halo Dogs last year and thought agility classes were an ideal way to burn of some of that energy; and I wasn’t wrong. There is an abundance of equipment to use and the courses change every so often so your dog always has a new challenge.


From the first class I was immediately impressed with the individual attention that we received, and found the Team to be  friendly, patient and put me at ease from the moment I met them. Since then Treacle has also become an occasional visitor to day care; sometimes for a treat and spruce up, and at other times of need.


She is collected from home of a morning,  leaving without a backwards glance;  and is returned thoroughly chilled out and relaxed after a day of fun with her friends.  Treacle loves the exercise and socialising and I am sure that she is a much happier dog; which equals a much happier owner!


Sherri and Treacle Pud