boxer alfieAlfie, the Boxer has been a regular fixture at Halo Dogs since he was just 12 weeks old. He has grown into a well adjusted adult, with great social skills and is a very laid back dog!!


He can’t wait to go when the school bus arrives to pick him up, there are no back glances for me, he is off tail wagging eager to go, which is a great reassurance for us. Justin and the team are extended family members for Alfie.


They are always available for queries and advice. Very approachable, very knowledgeable and with great big hearts too.

It has been the best thing we ever could have done for Alfie. They really helped us out at short notice and have been extremely flexible.

The farm is a wonderful place, we loved our tour there. It’s the greatest feeling when we are working, knowing that Alfie is safe, well loved and with great dog’s having fun.


Great pic’s on the facebook page, and we love the school report cards on his daily activities too.


Alfie has also boarded, not in the way most dog’s do, he lives in the house and get’s in with the mix. We really can’t sing their praises loud enough as they deserve, it’s one special place!


Debbie, Mark and Alfie