alaskan malamute kaiWe have a wonderful, energetic Alaskan Malamute named Kai who is just over a year old. Like all dogs Kai needs a lot of love, attention, walks and play time. Unfortunately my partner and I work full time and we were finding it increasingly difficult to give him the attention he needed within our busy schedules.


This is when we turned to Halo Dogs who have been life savers for us.


A couple of days a week the school bus comes along and picks Kai up to take him to day care. Later that afternoon they drive back a very different dog to the one that left in the morning: The dog they return is so happy and content after spending the day playing with other dogs, going for walks and getting lots of attention. He’s also one thing we had very rarely seen Kai before – tired!


After a day at Halo Dogs Day Care, Kai is just content to sleep. Previously the only way to achieve this was a 20km walk! It’s great to know that Kai is looked after all day by attentive staff and then returned home content. On his first day the staff at Halo stayed in contact to let us know how he was getting along and put our minds at rest, this being the first time we’d relinquished care of our gigantic, crazy puppy to other people. It’s also great to know that he is getting regular socialisation with other dogs as that means I never have to worry about how Kai is with other dogs on walks. I’d highly recommend Halo Dogs day care for anyone who wants a happy dog!


Rachael and Kai