English Bull Terrier Daycare London

In a couple of days Winnie, the English Bull Terrier, says goodbye to all her doggy daycare friends in London. She leaves her native England for sunny Athens. She has been a weekly visitor to Halo Dogs for 4 years – since she was a pup. In addition she spent many weeks boarding and just hanging around the pastures and paddocks. I have to tell anyone even considering daycare/play socialisation or boarding use Halo Dogs – there is none better. EBT’s are a handful and unlike any other breed. They exist in contrary motion. The care, concern and support Halo Dogs provided Winnie was excellent. Even when Winnie had a medical event while boarding – we never felt concerned about the care she was receiving. The Vet they use is – tops. The pickup service has always been reliable. Justin has an incredibly well thought out operation that provides dog owners with total peace of mind for our loved furry ones. Winnie says goodbye Merrie Olde England and kisses everyone with the worlds biggest snout.


Ray, Katrin and Winnie