Westiepoo LondonZora the Westiepoo is my first dog and she loves her dog day care  time in North London at Halo Dogs. I simply did not anticipate how much time, company and exercise she would need to be a happy, balanced and healthy dog. Add to that some health issues she has had since birth and I was close to being overwhelmed. Thank goodness therefore for the kindred spirits at Halo Dogs. The professionalism, care, warmth and calm shown by Justin and his team exceeds all expectations.  I am completely at ease when I have to go away knowing that Zora is in the best hands and that all her needs will be met.


My favourite moment of the day is when the Halo Dogs school bus comes to pick her up and she does a little dance that I call the Halo Wiggle.  And off she goes without a backward glance! I cannot recommend them highly enough…  Halo Dogs is so much more than a doggy daycare, and it has really made a difference to the quality of both our lives.


Zeina and Zora