Pete Martin

History at Halo Dogs: Pete originally joined the team in 2010 and returned in 2013 following a year long career break living in Switzerland with his wife, dog and 3 cats. He has resumed his role as Team Leader. Pete has all the attributes to be a great leader including diligence, integrity, honesty and compassion and importantly consistency (when he isn’t travelling!). He is tireless in his work ethic and a real asset for the company and most importantly for the dogs and his colleagues too.


Best moment at Halo Dogs: “I love every day at work and thoroughly enjoy what I do, however being promoted to Team Leader is a real achievement of which I am very proud of. Now I get to be instrumental in delivering the very high standards we aspire to deliver on a daily basis.”


Favourite breed: Boxers, Bull breeds and German Shepherds.


History with dogs, including current pets: Pete gained a wealth of experience with dogs at his uncle’s kennel, where he used to volunteer. At home he has Dolly, a rescued Boxer who is often seen running round in circles here, he also has 3 cats (which dont come to work with him!!)


Interests outside of work: Pete has played guitar for a few rock bands over the years including My Echo and Life Below Light. Whilst work doesn’t leave enough spare time to stay up all night tripping the light fantastic these days, he still occasionally writes music for other successful artists. Tattoos are also a passion of Pete’s, and to be fair he has some really nice ones including one of his dog, Dolly on his forearm.