frenchie mervOur French Bulldog Merv, who is now 18 months old, started out with a few small behavioural issues that quickly snowballed. Merv became very territorial, guarded anything and everything and was also aggressive to people both at home, and out and about.


He totally ruled the roost and we were very unsure how to deal with it. We took him to see a handful of different dog trainers, some of whom promised miracle cures that unfortunately contributed to the problem, rather than helping him. Merv was a very stressed and confused dog and we were told to put him to sleep because he was a danger to people.


While this was going on Merv would attend day care at Halo Dogs which he loved. It was then that we turned to Justin for a second opinion and some help. Unlike with other trainers, we immediately felt that he understood Merv. His understanding of dogs is incredible!


We were very upset about the situation and felt like we’d let Merv down. Justin very clearly explained how, with a lot of hard work, we could change Merv’s behaviour. We never instilled much discipline with Merv and as soon as he was under Justin’s control, we could see Merv felt more relaxed. Justin made us realise we could have similar control over him with some big changes.


Merv needed an assertive leader! It was a shock to the system but we went right back to basics with him, with a real tough love attitude. He was treated like a dog for the first time rather than a baby and he responded brilliantly. With a strict routine in place he is gradually getting better and better. There’s still a lot of hard work ahead of us, but with Justin’s continual support and guidance, and regular kicks up the bum, we are much more confident and have a much happier Frenchie.


Alex, Charlie and Merv