cockapoo edieWe feel so lucky to have found our Cockapoo, Edie a doggie day care centre where she is cared for by people who adore animals in the same way as we do.


Justin and his whole team are primarily motivated by their love of animals, and this comes through in the quality of service we get for a very reasonable price. 


The highlights have to be the pictures and videos that appear on Facebook, and we love the days where a stinky overgrown pooch is picked up, but a beautifully trimmed and sweet smelling one returns.  It is great that so many different services are provided under one roof.


Halo Dogs have never let us down, never left a muddy dog (and knowing Edie she must be filthy after a day at the farm), and are always flexible if our needs change.


We equally love the work Justin and the team do for the welfare of less fortunate dogs.  It is nice to feel that by supporting Halo Dogs, we are in some small way helping those dogs who aren’t as well cared for or loved as much as Edie.

Katie, Chris and Edie