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Australian Shepherd Murphy

What will I miss most when I move back to San Francisco tomorrow? HALO DOGS. I’m not joking. Among all of the wonderful things London has to offer, Justin and his fun and caring band of merry dog-loving men and women are right up there at the top. What makes this dog care service better than others? Pretty much everything: everyone on the team obviously loves dogs and treats your pet… as if it were their own, they have boatloads of activities – rain or shine – to engage and exercise your four-legged baby, they never flake/fail to show up, they are always timely and respectful and careful, they take and post brilliant expressive photos of your beloved romping with his pals, AND you can book and change services/days and pay your bill online. What’s not to like?! My very needy (10 million kisses/day minimum!) and energetic Aussie who would usually rather be with me than just about anything else has LOVED going to school 3 days/week, and has boarded whenever I have had to leave town, including some extended absences of a couple of weeks at a time. He comes home happy and tired and then bounds eagerly to the door the next time Halo Dogs comes to pick him up. I know I will never get this quality of service from a pet minder again, unless I steal Justin’s business model and start my own Halo Dogs! Special thanks to Kris also, for whom Murphy has almost as much love as he does for me!

Thanks for a great year, Halo Dogs – we will miss you desperately.

Megan and Murphy

Australian Shepherd Murphy Halo Dogs