dog day care London
dog daycare London
dog day care london
puppy boarding London
puppy day care london
dog boarding london

Dog Day Care London

Award Winning & 5 Star Rated Doggy Daycare


Halo Dogs offer professional doggy daycare in London so that your beloved canine companion won’t be lonely whilst you’re out at work, or away from home. We provide him or her with the all the exercise, education and social interaction a healthy and happy pooch needs on our dog day care and boarding facility in North London which is set on a 540 acre picturesque farm in Enfield.


Dog Day Boarding & Puppy Daycare

Dog Training & Education Centre in London


We give you so much more than your typical local kennels in London, plus the complete peace of mind that your dog is being well cared for while you’re away. Run by a team of passionate and qualified dog trainers and behaviourists, we are 5 star licensed and London’s most popular puppy and doggy daycare centre for a reason! But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself by taking a look at our customer testimonials and reading about all the latest happy faces enjoying our doggy day care services on our social media. See how happy and how healthy our current residents are and all the fun they have! As well as first class dog boarding, we also provide many other services for you and your best friend including dog training, puppy training, dog grooming, dog walking, pet sitting, agility training and we even have a pet taxi service to take your dog from home to school and back again. We’re always happy to help, so contact us to find out how your dog can also become one of London’s happiest pooches!

Charlotte Cottle

London pet daycare

“The team at Halo Dogs are superb! They are responsible and diligent and provide exemplary services for the dogs in their care; working alongside us when required!”

Marc 'The Vet'

Dog boarding kennels London

“Just like Halo Dogs I’m also proud to promote responsible pet ownership, improved dog welfare standards, and would like to see an end to the UK’s cruel puppy farming trade.”

Liana Coetzee

puppy daycare London

“Halo Dogs’ staff are dedicated and knowledgeable, providing an optimal environment for socialisation and training of dogs. Animal welfare is their top priority and this resignates throughout, from rehabilitation of rescues to the daily care of beloved pets.”

Mick Box
Uriah Heep

North London Kennels Dog Owner

“Halo Dogs are a professional, responsible, reliable dog day care centre!  When they pick up our dog ‘Iggy’ with their door to door service, he just runs to the front door with his tail wagging each time”.