Animals In DistressFor those of you who know Halo Dogs support/sponsor an amazing couple Joe & Jan who run Animals In Distress in Malaga, Spain. Between the pair of them they rescue and rehome hundreds of unwanted and abused dogs and cats. We hugely admire, respect and support the work they tirelessly do and you can too either through their website or from our own We Support page of our website


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Hola everyone
It’s been a while since I last wrote to you all mainly because Yahoo mail thought that the 500 emails I sent on one day about one of our events was spam and they banned me for 24hrs. I could still receive emails but could not reply or send other emails so it made me weary…Some of you might be aware that we mainly find forever homes in Holland with the odd few dogs & cats going to UK, Spain and Germany, well this year our network partner has had their charity registered in Belgium and now they are helping us to also home the animals over there.Last year, 298 animals came through our charity and found forever homes. All these abandoned dogs, puppies and others had a story to tell. Some had been suffering for years, some were road accidents others e.g. puppies were found abandoned in rubbish bins and on one occasion a few weeks ago a mum and pups were placed in a box inside a bin and we rescued them just a few hours away from being crushed by the collection truck.All these animals we rescue have to be seen by our vets for a health check, vaccinations, rabies, sterilising, operations for broken legs etc….Our vet bill at the moment is around 3000 Euros every single month of the year. If you wish to contribute towards our work please click here

We thank those of you for your continued support and in particular to Heart FM as they provide the music and entertainment at our events.

Also to Halo Dogs for their support in the UK via their website.

For those of you that are local to our area, we hope to count on your support by visiting our Charity shop and by attending our monthly Charity Auctions, which are listed here

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Animals In Distress